It’s very hard to ignore our sweet tooth, but what we can do is to swap sugary food to the healthier and good one because the sugar we eat seems to be harmless, but they add up so fast and may cause various health problems.

Following are the simple food swaps:

  • Eat avocado and also spread it on your sprouted bread as it’s better than spreading peanut butter and jam on your toast for breakfast. It will not only give you energy but also give you fibers, vitamins, and minerals. Fibers contribute to weight loss and reduce blood sugar. Avocado reduces the risk of metabolic syndrome and raises a number of antioxidants. Lime juice, red paper flakes, and sea salt can also be added on your toast.
  • Having whole fruit is better than having a glass of fresh fruit juice. Juice may have abundant nutrients, but the fibers are missing in juices as once extracting juice the pulp and skin are left behind which is the major source of fibers. Fibers are very important. It supports digestion and lowers down the cholesterol. The volume of sugar is greater in a glass of juice as big amount of fruit is needed for juicing.
  • The amount of sugar is higher in pasta sauces, tomato soups, and ketchup. Try making homemade gravy from fresh tomatoes and minced garlic. Add a ground pepper according to your taste. No doubt grilled cheese and tomato soup are not healthy at all, instead, try to have turkey in a lettuce wrap or tortilla and have maximum fibers and proteins. Lentils also serve to be the best fiber and protein source.
  • Pan frying the food with little olive oil is far better than deep frying. It’s healthy, and also its crisp and taste will be same as in deep frying. Buy vegetable from farmers market instead of grocery stores. Seasonal fruit and vegetables are more nutritious as compare to the processed one. Always try to dress your salad with vinegar and olive oil instead of processed dressings.
  • Barbecue chicken is served with baked beans. Bean has fibers, but the sauce has loads of syrup. Barbecue sauce is added in a chicken which has a huge amount of sugar in its ingredients so instead of taking barbecue chicken for your dinner, have rotisserie chicken, which comes with cannellini bean salad and fresh basil chopped, lemon juice, red onion, salt and pepper, and has almost no sugar at all.
  • Teriyaki tuna served with mashed potatoes have the high amount of calories, and sugary substance as honey, cornstarch, and mirin (sweet cooking rice wine) are the main ingredients. It’s as dangerous as you having a donut for your meal. Swap teriyaki tuna with pepper crusted tuna steak which is blended with lemon juice, fresh parsley chopped and garlic. Instead of mash potatoes choose sweet potatoes to eat as they are naturally sweet and fibrous and it will reduce sugar craving as well.