Christina El Moussa was born in Park and brought up in Hills. Moussa a rocking and shining television personality is a real estate patron who is better known for co-hosting the HGTV series ‘Flip or Flop.’ She is pretty famous in ladies and young girls for her beautiful, youthful and flawless skin.

She is a pretty busy lady, and when she is not busy with her business, renovating houses or shooting, then she will be busy caring for her babies. Between all this, she still takes care of her diet and workout.

Favorite Healthy Foods of Christina El Moussa

  1. Juices and Smoothies – She loves smoothies and takes them as a snack or even for lunch each day. She cuts all the ingredients, freezes them in small bags and then just puts them with the milk in the blender. So, in five minutes she has a full ready meal. She loves green juice and pushes the double stroller to her favorite juice place which is up a very steep hill. This gives her a great workout along with a healthy meal.
  2. Berry Oatmeal Bars – She uses fruits to make the bar taste delicious and does not use sugar. She takes two times a day, and this is one of her favorite snacks.
  3. Hummus- She loves hummus with cucumbers and pretzel crisp dip as a mid-day snack.
  4. Lean Meat with Veggies and Grains- For lunch or dinner, she eats fish or lean meat with grain and vegetables. During her shooting days for the Flip or Flop, she orders healthy meals to be delivered to her set. This meal can be salmon fish with salad.
  5. Peanut Butter – Christina El Moussa is obsessed with peanut butter and craves for it. She loves to have it topped on coconut flakes, banana, cakes etc.
  6. Blueberry Muffin with oats – Every morning of Christina starts with a jar of oats. She definitely prefers to have her coffee first. Her coffee also has stevia and cream. Her oats are flavored with either banana or cinnamon or blueberry. The oats are super filling and taste delicious.

Workout Of Christina El Moussa

The workout is her stress releaser, and she says that she is obsessed with it. But, with her busy schedule, she prefers to spend her free time with her kids. She chooses to hang out with the at any place where she can do her workout while enjoying with her kids.

Beautiful, Flawless Skin of Christina El Moussa

Christina El Moussa takes care of her diet and workout that keeps her skin fresh and healthy as glow comes from inside. She keeps her water intake proper. She washes her face properly in the morning to get rid of all the toxins and oils excreted out at night. She never forgets to remove her makeup before sleeping because sleeping with makeup on leads to acne breakouts and other skin problems.

It is easy to look at the flawless skin of Christina El Moussa and link it to her genes and expensive skin care products she uses. But, in reality maintaining a bright face without any imperfections requires serious effort, commitment, and proper skin care routine. She recently release the Christina El Moussa Skin Care Wrinkle Remover Line that women everywhere are raving about.